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The goal of the Golden Pyramid Martial Arts Center is to offer superior martial arts training in a small class environment. Many of our techniques use modern martial arts training methods to achieve maximum flexibility, speed, and agility. Our instructors teach the individual not the group. In our youth programs the foundation for the pyramid begins; this continues to the very top with our adult programs. Our students are taught to respect themselves and to rely on their abilities.

Little Tigers (5-7 yrs)

Ages 5 to 7 years old
Exercise and training done to music. While playing games, students learn coordination, balance, teamwork, and become self confident. Students are assigned small “homework tasks” that help involve parents in their child’s success.

Tiny Dragons (4 yrs)

Age 4 years
When your child talks to a stranger, do they look down at the ground?
Do they speak sofly to others and twitch and turn?
Are they overly shy?
Do they have trouble sitng stll or focusing?

Adult Karate

The Golden Pyramid Karate program includes instruction in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Kobudo, and Kick Boxing.

Our program is developed to fit your abilities and to help improve upon them.

Age is not an issue. Only the desire to learn is necessary. Those wanting self defense, sport karate, or exercise; this is an ideal program for you. It is never too late to learn!

Adult Self Defense

Learn how to punch and strike
Standing self defense
Protecting yourself on the ground
Elbow and knee strikes
Low kicking drills and strikes
Escaping from holds
Defenses against weapons
Primary target points


Why should I learn Kali?

  • You learn practical self-defense.
  • Your upper body, arms and legs will become toned
  • You will increase your fitness and aerobic capacity
  • And much more..

Chinese Martial Arts / Kung Fu

The Chinese Martial Arts program includes instruction in both Kung Fu and Wushu.
Students will learn basic Chinese weapons such as; the staff, straight sword, broadsword, butterfly sword, spear and fan.

Adult Shao Lin Kung Fu

Through Shao Lin Kung Fu you will gain balance, coordination and muscle toning.
Our system is a complete system.
Training involves striking using hands, feet, elbows and knees. To complete this effective fighting system throws, joint holds and grappling are taught.


New Students Intro

3 Months of Lessons + Embroidered uniform

“Our daughter has attended Golden Pyramid Martial Arts Center for 3 years and I could not be more pleased with the results”
“If you are seeking a no nonsense learning environment, GPMAC is strongly recommended”
“GPMAC offers a variety of programs and instructors for all students at a reasonable cost and should be on your short list of potential schools to enroll your child”


Yes I’m interested.. but I would like to “try it out” first.

Small beginner’s class size for better personal instruction

There are no “signup fees” or long-term commitments. You may cancel at any time

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